Your Inspection Business in the Internet Forest

The importance of building a team to create a stellar online presence. How built a team to address a multi-faceted digital profile.

Where Are You on The Internet?

You can set off into the forest just like Red Riding Hood with your basket of goodies—your inspection business. Along the path, you find the creatures of the internet woods: wolves, trolls, wizards, fairies, and goblins who want to show you the right path and join you on your journey.

Just like a friendly wolf, they’ll offer you the best way, how to crush it online, beat your competition, and juicy sounding shortcuts that sound like the perfect treat. You may have sampled some of the treats and ended up in frustration. You had to hack their concept to fit your inspection business. Maybe the suggestions were for e-commerce or construction, and you had to do a workaround for your inspection business. You think it’s working, but you’re not sure.

You may have given up on it all and settled for your Facebook page and a Yelp listing. And, yet, the right clients aren’t finding you. 

The Moving Parts

When you are busy with your inspection business, it’s confusing to know which information is reliable or what works for you. You may wonder if it’s worth the time and effort to be online.

You need a website that converts visitors into clients. You want exposure on the web. You think videos will help clients understand your business. You want to write a blog to keep clients up to date. You’re not sure if you should spend time on social media, and if you do which social media channels you should use. You know you should pay attention to metrics, but don’t know how. 

You can’t do it all. A team to support your efforts leaves you free to do what you do best, perform outstanding home inspections.  

The Team Approach was founded on a dream to offer the best home inspectors nationwide to clients who need their services. We realized that those inspectors were busy inspecting properties and might need help finding a path through the online forest.  

Founder, Jeff Bond, has been a home inspector for over 30 years at His dream was to provide a place that supported home inspectors and gave clients access to the best in the field. As he built he knew a team was the best way to serve the home inspection community. With solid leadership, communication, and access to good resources, he built a team to contribute to productive collaboration.

Every team member is one of the very best at what they do, and understands and serves the inspection community. And that’s why they are on the team. You want to gather a team with diverse specialties and talents to make your business shine. teamed with international online marketing and SEO leader Ammon Johns to produce a series of Online Marketing videos just for inspectors. The 10-part series is your introduction to your online presence. You’ll find what is important to do and also what you can ignore. teamed with Zara Altair to create content that would resonate with inspectors and their clients to build marketplace website content. She works on special projects like our Inspect.Pro inspection report writing software, and creating articles for inspectors, real estate professionals, and home buyers and sellers. 

Mia Voss of TMC Services is a punch list inspection specialist. She uses her vibrant personality as a brand ambassador at Mia On The Go, offering the perfect combination of talents to be the public face for on video presentations and social media. 

Teamwork Pays the Bills

Team-building takes time. You’ll need a combination of skills and resources to identify the right people who are enthusiastic and supportive, and who will work to make you a star. It took five years and lots of work to bring the team together. Be prepared. Know your priorities, so you bring on the right people in sequence. 

Wherever you are in your online presence, think about building a strong, supportive team to address the actions you don’t know how to take, and help build your online presence. If you are a self-actualizer, have at it and enjoy the journey, in the end doing it on your own yields the most knowledge.

If you don’t have the time to put it all together, or would like some assistance building your online presence, can help you navigate the online forest.

Published in the American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI Reporter, April 2021 issue.


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