Why Being At the Home Inspection Makes a Difference

The inspector’s professional experience and expertise adds value to your official inspection. You’ve paid for the expertise, why not take advantage of your inspector’s personal advice?

The Personal Difference of Being There

A professional home inspection creates an unbiased review of your home’s health. The information helps you make wise decisions about real estate transaction negotiation, a buying or selling decision, pricing the property, and much more.

Although the formal report after the inspection supplies objective information, when you show up for the inspection, you’ll get real, on-the-spot details from your home inspector.

First, if you’ve never experienced a home inspection, you’ll discover just how thorough the process is. Your inspector checks details you’ve probably never thought about. When you’re there in person, you’ll get answers to why these details are important.

Buyer Beware

Buying a new home is emotional. You fall in love with a house because the view from the bedroom balcony looks out on a beautiful maple tree, or the spacious marble counters in the kitchen, or the floor plan for easy family living, or any one of a number of reasons that may not be rational. The place feels just right.

But if the beautiful big tree’s roots are disturbing the foundation, or a water leak in the kitchen has rotted the subfloor you’ll be there to hear why these issues can impact your purchase.

Your inspector can ease your concerns. Or, give you suggestions for professional assistance or why the issue can help you negotiate your price. They may help you identify the right contractor to solve the problem and a rough estimation of repair costs. None of these tips will be in the written report.

The best benefit of being there is the opportunity to ask questions. You’ll learn why the property is a good investment or why you should reconsider.

Seller Reality

When you’ve lived in a home and put it on the market, you think about all the good things about the house. You want buyers to see those great features. 

You’ll want to be at the home inspection to ask questions. Unless you’ve been rigorously maintaining your home, the inspector may find things you didn’t know about. Although the findings show up in the official report, being there while the inspector is looking is the best way to get a feel for the condition of your home.

Not only can you ask questions on the spot as the inspector makes new discoveries, you’ll get first-hand, experienced, professional answers that can help you tackle an issue you didn’t know about. 

You’ll get personal advice about choices to make repairs, cost estimates, and even a quick response on how to prepare your home for sale. These are answers that won’t show up in the written report.

The free expert advice your home inspector shares will help you understand any needed repairs, what the cost may be, alternative choices for repair, and much, much more. You’ll learn the true value of your home in the current market. 

Homeowner Problem Prevention

If you are a smart homeowner, you’ll invest in preserving your home to prevent health and safety issues. Periodic home inspections can save thousands of dollars in repairs by discovering issues before they become an expensive problem.

When you take the initiative to invest in a thorough home inspection every five years or so, you’ll keep your home in prime condition. 

Don’t just wait for the report. Meet the inspector and learn about your home. Knowledge is powerful. You’ll get an objective, unbiased view of the structure and safety of your home’s current condition.

The live give and take of your questions and the inspector’s answers will provide realistic expectations about what you can do to maintain your home. If the inspector finds no problems, you are good to go for another few years.

Being there allows you to see any issues the inspector finds. When you ask questions, your answers will be realistic and practical. Plus, your inspector may know just the right business or service to take care of an issue before it becomes a costly repair. That won’t be in the written report. 

Give yourself a pat on the back, show up, and know your home.

Professional Knowledge for Real Estate Agents and Attorneys  

As a busy professional you may not have the three to four hours of time it takes for a thorough inspection. If you take the time to show up toward the end of the inspection, you’ll know more about the true value of the property.

The home inspector can show you discovered issues and explain how they impact the value of the home.  You’ll get a realistic estimate of the severity of an issue and the true cost of remediation. 

You’ll talk professional to professional with no dumbing down. The home inspector can give you tips on discussing issues with your clients whether they are buyers or sellers. You’ll have practical backup to discuss real pricing issues, what needs to be done immediately, and what can be included for price negotiation.

A home inspector has years of professional training and real-life experience backing up advice. Take advantage of this objective perspective on the property to give your clients sound and realistic advice backed up with facts. 

Free Knowledge For The Asking

Personal advice is the best benefit of being at a home inspection. You’ll see what the inspector sees. He will explain finding details and answer questions. 

The inspector’s professional experience and expertise adds value to your official inspection. You’ve paid for the expertise, why not take advantage of your inspector’s personal advice?

  • See the problem on site
  • Get advice on repair and remediation choices
  • Pros and cons of different repair choices
  • Estimation of the true cost of a repair
  • Immediacy of the finding
  • Long-term results of ignoring a finding
  • Estimates on adjusting the property value

If you skip being at the home inspection, you’ll miss out on getting the most from your inspector’s professional expertise and experience. It makes good sense to get live feedback on your home. It’s the added value of a home inspection.

If you need a home inspector, find the right one for your property with a quick search at Inspect.com. We make finding a home inspector your choice.


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