Inspector Qualifications 

We understand just how important this process is to homeowners. We take care to ensure the inspectors are qualified to inspect, and offer services in categories they have demonstrated they are experts. Inspectors are trained professionals who check for and examine issues most homeowners don’t see. We suggest a professional inspection every five years to preserve the value of your property and keep your loved ones safe. 

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating inspectors. Remember to call and talk to each inspector, and find the one who is the perfect fit for you. Thank you for being the best part of!


Owner/Company History

  1. Owner history – How long has the owner been in the industry?
  2. Company history – What is the overall reputation of the company?
  3. Years in business – How long has the company been in business?
  4. Verified ownership – Do public records verify proper legal ownership?
  5. Phone number – Does the company have a published phone number?
  6. Mailing address – Does the company have a published mailing address?
  7. Hours of operation – Does the company have published open hours?

Types of Service

  1. Specific category match – Do services offered align with categories?
  2. Multiple services – Are multiple services offered for convenience?
  3. Value bundles – Do multiple services offer bundled discounts?


  1. State license (if required) – Are proper license requirements met?
  2. Association membership – Are they members of trade associations?
  3. Association certificates – Do they have credentials from trade associations?
  4. Association logo/badges – Do they display any trade associations logos?

Awards & Achievements

  1. Association awards – Have they received any awards from trade associations?
  2. Continuing education – Do they publish their continuing education records?
  3. Quantity of awards – How many awards have they received?


  1. Complete website – Is their website complete, and relevant?
  2. Online scheduling – Can you order services online?
  3. Good website flow – Is the website easy for users to navigate?
  4. Displays logo – Does website have a logo & favicon?
  5. Personal photos – Does the website display personal photos?
  6. Contact information – Is the contact information published?
  7. Company copyright – Is the website copyrighted & current?
  8. Testimonials – Does the website display client testimonials?
  9. Image verification – Are the website photos not generic?

Online Presence

  1. Years online – How long have they been online?
  2. Website history – Has the website been consistently available?
  3. Social media accounts – Do they have social media accounts?
  4. Social media responsive – Do they respond to social media interactions?
  5. Followed & followers – How many followers & followed do they have?


  1. Number of reviews – How many public reviews do they have?
  2. Score of reviews – What average review score do they have?
  3. Quality of reviews – How much do the reviews relate to inspections?
  4. Quality of reviewer – Does the reviewer’s complaints seem credible?
  5. Current reviews – How current are their public reviews?
  6. Responds to reviews – Do they respond to their reviews?
  7. Review consistency – Do the majority of reviews agree?
  8. Review verification – Are the reviews on credible websites?


  1. Number of complaints – How many public complaints have they had?
  2. Score of complaints – What is the average rating of complaints?
  3. Quality of complaint – Do complaints relate to inspections?
  4. Quality of complainer – Does the complainant’s complaints seem valid?
  5. Response to complaints – Do they respond to public complaints?
  6. Complaint verification – Are the complaints on credible websites?


  1. Discounts – Do they offer any service or senior discounts?
  2. Fair value – Are their prices aligned with industry averages?
  3. Location relevance – Are prices consistent for their local markets?
  4. Video content – Do they publish and use video content?