Service To Those Who Serve

Going the extra mile is one of the best ways to show your support. Show your support with small actions. Go with a desire to serve.


Serving Those Who Serve

Home inspectors are on the front line to provide peace of mind to servicemen and women when they are away from home. Knowing the home is safe where their family lives eliminates worry. You can be on the frontline of support with your inspections by reassuring that all is safe and in order in their homes.

Offering a discount for military personnel on inspections is just the beginning of demonstrating your support. Your home inspection offers reassurance that all is safe at home. From top to bottom your inspection provides all the information to maintain a sound structure and safe environment for loved ones.

Eliminate Worry

Have you ever been on vacation and wondered what was happening with your home? Imagine being overseas or in combat and hoping all is well at home with a nagging worry at the back of your mind.

When you follow ASHI standards to inspect a home, your client knows everything is in good shape, or they can take steps to remediate any weaknesses. When you identify small finds that could turn into big problems, you are keeping the home safe. From an outdated, nonfunctioning smoke alarm to a foundation crack, your expertise helps the family prevent disasters.

When you find a minor problem that could turn into a big nightmare, your finding prevents the home from deteriorating. Catching a small water leak before it softens a floor or promotes mold growth, assures the family that your inspection provides the preventative value they need to live in comfort.

For you, it may be just another home inspection, but for the family, you have created peace of mind.

Show Your Support

Going the extra mile is one of the best ways to show your support. Show your support with small actions. Go with a desire to serve.

  1. Offer a military service discount
  2. Thank them for their service – at least twice, once when you meet and before you go
  3. Be proactive, ask if they have any concerns about the house
  4. Be proactive again. Fix the small stuff. If a doorknob or hinge is loose fix it. If a window screen popped out, set it back in
  5. Support the spouse of a service person away serving us all with helpful acts

There are many small acts you can do to show your support to service people and their loved ones. Do the little things you can to help them:

  • if a p-trap is loose and slightly leaking quickly tighten it up
  • If the bikes in the garage are stacked up against the water heater, move them all and set them up
  • If the garbage cans are on the street, put them away
  • Pet the dog and cat
  • Say Hi to the kids

Also honor those who served and have already returned home. Think of every verteran as having some form of combat stress.  Be sensitive to their needs. Avoid slamming doors or making loud noise. Let them know your inspection will keep them safe.

Be a mini hero for a day. Show them you are aware and care. Be of service.

You Are The Frontline for the Community

As inspectors, we provide security in our own communities. Every veteran, every military service person has donned the gear for our protection. Your experience and knowledge serve everyone by making sure homes are a safe environment for living.

Published in the American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI Reporter, November 2020 issue.


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