Selling Your Home? Hire a Truth Detecting Home Inspector

Remember, the home inspector works for you to give you an honest view of the state of your property. It’s worth the time to find a professional.

Separate Emotions from Value with a Home Inspector 

Selling your home is fraught with emotions. You leave the garden you’ve worked in for years. Your children grew up here, and every nook holds a cherished memory. You loved it when you moved in, and now with all your personal touches, you love it more. 

Many sellers have unrealistic expectations about the value of their home. They tick off every improvement like new bathroom fixtures to an added bedroom or deck. 

Once you decide to sell, take the right first step to tamp down the emotional side of valuing your home. Get a home inspection.

A professional home inspection provides an honest, objective picture of the current state of your home from structural soundness to safety for residents. You’ll discover any repairs or remediations that should be done before you place your home on the market. And, you’ll find others that don’t need immediate fixing but can be used to negotiate a fair selling price with a buyer.

How to Find a Good Home Inspector 

In some states, like California, anyone can call themselves a home inspector, print cards, and advertise and immediately be in business. 

To avoid oversights and receive a professional inspection, take steps to find a reliable, experienced inspector to give you the information you need. Be responsible and do the research. 

Remember, the home inspector works for you to give you an honest view of the state of your property. It’s worth the time to find a professional.

  • Word of mouth – relatives and friends who have bought or sold property
  • Review sites – Reviews posted by customers on sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Know that some services pay to have their positive reviews listed first or pay to be listed at all. But, get an overall sense of the service from all the reviews.
  • Check the home inspector’s business on Google Maps. Reviews are posted there as well. Check to see that the business is verified.
  • Ask your real estate agent – a reliable agent will give you several references. Beware if they give you only one. The agent and the inspector may have a side agreement to make the property seem as good as possible.
  • Check for licenses or professional organizations and time in business – One of the best known and oldest organizations is the American Society of Home Inspectors.
  • Select 3-5 home inspection services and then call. How they work with you on the phone will be a good indication of your communication throughout the process.
  • Ask how long a typical inspection takes – a thorough home inspection will usually last a minimum of two hours.
  • Ask for a sample Inspection Report. Look for negative findings. A reliable inspector will offer suggested solutions.

Once you’ve identified the right inspector, schedule your home inspection with the service of your choice.

How You Benefit with a Home Inspection Before You Sell

In the real estate transaction world home inspections are usually performed by the buyer, but as a seller you have good reasons to have a home inspection before you place your home on the market.

Reduce Stress

You won’t have to worry about hidden problems that a buyer may discover. With a home inspection, you’ll know if a problem exists and have the opportunity to fix it before you place your home on the market. 

Realistic Pricing 

The price of your home is key to finding buyers for your home. Priced too high, it won’t sell. And, if you set a low price, you might miss thousands of dollars that could be yours with correct pricing. A home inspection gives you a realistic picture of any negative aspects and allows you to price accordingly. Neither you nor the buyer have any surprises.

Speed Up The Sales Process

A buyer that knows you’ve already had a home inspection will feel more comfortable making an offer. They know there will be no hidden surprises. You can market your home as being problem free. No haggling over hidden issues. You go straight for the sale.

Boost Buyer Confidence

A pre-sale home inspection helps remove buyer doubt about hidden problems. Knowing the condition of the home allows the buyer to make a confident offer.

Make Your Agent’s Job Easier

Your agent handles the pricing and negotiations for the sale of your home. Knowing the condition of your home, makes pricing the home, finding the right buyer, and procuring the best price easier. There are no unknowns. 

The Facts Speak For Themselves

A professional home inspection conducted by an experienced, knowledgeable inspector presents facts. You’ll know the condition of the exterior and interior, the roof and the foundation, electrical and plumbing systems and much more. 

An objective inspection report is the written tool to verify the condition of your home and its value. It isn’t just easier for your agent, it’s easier for you. You balance your emotional attachment with fact finding based on your home’s current condition.

You’ll enter the real estate market assured that you know the true value of your home.

Use to find the right inspector for your home to sell with confidence.


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