How an Inspector Helps Your Professional Life

You may think of the inspection as a necessary part of concluding a transaction, but an inspector can help you build your business and strengthen your relationship with your clients. Not just for one transaction, but in the future.

A professional inspector brings knowledge and experience to you and your clients.

Streamline Your Process

A timely inspection accompanied by a dated written report, presents information in an unbiased tone so you and your client are well-informed. When you start off with an inspection, your pricing is viable from the beginning. You won’t waste time backtracking to make adjustments in pricing and property descriptions.

Eliminate Last-Minute Problems

The inspection report defines any issues that need to be addressed before you list the property or close the sale. The information allows you to adjust pricing, make wise recommendations to your client, and smooth the way to completing the transaction.

Prepare Your Client

It doesn’t take long as a real estate professional to learn that clients have unrealistic expectations. A inspection is a powerful tool on your side to help your clients align their expectations with reality. Facts are facts, and the inspection report gives you the data you need to help your clients understand and adjust.

Add Value to Your Process

Your client pays for the home inspection and you get the value. The information on the inspection report allows you to guide your client toward reasonable expectations in negotiation. All you need to do is point out the current status of the property. It’s there in black and white. You reap the benefits.

Keep Clients In Line

There’s nothing like a reality check to keep clients from trying to bulldoze you into an uncomfortable situation. They may have unreasonable expectations and emotional ties or misgivings that interrupt your process. Keep then real with facts. The inspection report grounds them in reality.

Reduce Liability

The inspection report protects you from the liability of false claims or misrepresentation. When you base your disclosure and brochure on the current status of the home, your statements are backed up by an independent professional with a dated, written document of findings. You’ll keep your professional reputation in good standing.

Professional Growth

When you provide your clients with the best service including straightforward information about a property, you build trust and satisfaction. A good client experience is worth its weight in gold. They come back the next time they make a transition. And, they tell their family and friends about their positive experience. Repeat business and referrals are the building blocks of ongoing success.

Trust is a Career Booster

When you build an ongoing relationship with a professional inspector, your career grows. Satisfied clients spread the word and send referrals. Your transactions go smoothly. Everyone is informed with objective, unbiased information which allows you to build trust. is Your Professional Resource

Help your business and your clients to find pre-qualified inspectors. We do the heavy lifting to help you find the right inspector for the job across the United States. An objective home inspection evaluates the current property condition. Specialized inspections for roof, pool, wood destroying organisms (termites), and environmental testing (mold) help you target problem areas and get them fixed for a better sale.

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