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Sunshine Home Inspection is the most thorough in town. This is an industry with high liability and most inspection companies get sued repetitively. But we never have been! We take our time and do the job right, without shortcuts. We encourage you to follow along with us during your inspection so that you can keep an eye on everything. We believe in transparency. Thorough inspections translate into great online reviews. Even though we have the best Angie’s List and Google ratings in Southeast Louisiana, we keep our fees competitive, with several other companies having higher prices than us.

The ASHI gold seal, at the top of our webpage, represents the highest level of inspector in the country. ASHI stands for the American Society of Home Inspectors and is the only inspection institution accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. Our owner is ASHI certified. We hold several certifications including mold. Our owner has a Master’s Degree in Science so we focus on the science of a home. Our savvy clients care about the health of their families and we find mold/lead/asbestos issues in many homes around New Orleans. We will keep you safe and save you money at the same time. Imagine the cost of remediation. We commonly see it run into the 10’s of thousands. That is why you can’t afford a cheap inspector. We’re not bottom feeders. Cheap inspection companies do quick inspections and go for volume to make their money. Not us!

Meet Thomas Kelting
Thomas Kelting ACI, LHI# 10755
Thomas , owner/operator is an ASHI certified inspector (The American Society of Home Inspectors). This is the highest level of inspector in the country. He has been doing inspection/construction for about 13 years.

Thomas has a Master’s Degree in Meteorology and is a former professor of meteorology, an education that he says benefits him daily in his home inspection responsibilities. Part of home inspection is science and hydrology. After all, water and the weather are the biggest enemies of a house and will destroy it from the top down or the bottom up. No other home inspection company in the state is more qualified to advise you on this issue than Sunshine Home Inspection, LLC. He is a termite and mold certified inspector and will test for Chinese drywall, asbestos and lead. We love forensic inspections because science is our specialty. The structure of a property is another area were we excel.

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