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A quality home inspections from SMARTMOVE Inspection will help protect your investment and equip you to negotiate confidently. Having knowledge of any deficiencies will allow you to address the deficiencies during the purchase. So you do not have to worry yourself with them while you are unpacking boxes. If you prefer to oversee the repairs yourself, there is often an opportunity to negotiate a lower purchase price. At a minimum, you will be aware of issues rather than surprised by unexpected expenses after you have bought your dream home.

The most important aspect of an inspection is to protect the health and safety of your family. As we examine a home, we pay close attention to structural integrity, compliance with safety standards, presence of toxins (i.e. mold, lead, asbestos, carbon monoxide, etc.) and other areas that might adversely effect your family’s health and safety.

Each inspection includes a thorough evaluation, detailed report and expert advice. Our reports include full-color images documenting the inspection along with an in-depth analysis. After your initial inspection, we are glad to provide you with follow-up inspections and answers to any questions that you may have as long as you own the home. Often, we are asked to inspect the repairs to ensure they were done adequately.

Meet Zack Ervin
Zack’s ambition was to create a home inspection company that offered a wide variety of services. More importantly, a service that could be counted on for providing valuable information so clients can be positioned to make sound decisions. Zack knows the significance of quality, service and professionalism. Every inspection is just as important as the last. This is the foundation principles that SMARTMOVE Inspection has been built upon. SMARTMOVE Inspection believes, as a company…good enough never is.

We constantly look for ways to improve whether it is scheduling, the reports, the inspection protocol, or communication with the clients. The team is committed to ensuring clients have a positive, interactive and educational experience…not just an inspection.

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