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We will inspect EVERY window, we will test EVERY outlet, EVERY light, EVERY switch etc… We will WALK the roof & the sprinkler system is ALWAYS part of our inspection pricing.

At the end of the inspection, our inspectors will walk you around the entire house to explain items we had an issue with & point out where your shut-offs are for electrical, gas & plumbing & answer any questions you may have about the workings of your house.

They will take as much time as YOU need to understand your inspection. When we are finished we hope you feel as if you got not only an inspection but an education as to the workings of your house.

We feel that when you pay for your inspection you are not paying for a sampling of an inspection. Our inspectors only do two inspections a day to give you & your house the attention you paid for.

Meet Mark King
King Home Inspections was one of the first licensed home inspection companies in the state of Arizona. We only employee inspectors that have extensive construction backgrounds. Even though we are inspecting a property that is already built we want them to understand what has gone on behind that drywall. Those inspectors are then personally trained by us to our standards. They are NOT a group of guys working as independent contractors who are on a call list.

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