How Buyers Can Get The Most from a Home Inspection

The report serves as written documented evidence to the current condition of the house as of the date of the inspection.

The Truth Behind a Home Inspection

When you’ve decided on the new home and your real estate agent suggests a home inspection, you may feel like it’s just another added expense in the process. But a home inspection provided by an experienced professional is one of the best investments you can make to ensure your future.

The home inspector gathers information about every aspect of the property and then organizes the findings in a written report. 

On Site For A Reality Check

The home inspector goes to the property and checks for sound construction and safety issues. He’ll spend at least three hours going from the roof to the cellar poking and testing to make sure the property is in good shape.

The inspection’s scope is wide and comprehensive. That’s why experience and expertise matter when you choose an inspector. He’ll check that systems work and are in good condition. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) your inspector is required to observe, test, and record findings on various components of the property.

  • Structure – foundation and framing
  • Roof – tile, shake, shingles
  • Exterior – siding, drainage, porches
  • Electrical – devices, panels, wiring
  • HVAC – heater and air-conditioner
  • Insulation – insulation and sealing
  • Plumbing – devices, drains, supply
  • Interior – walls, floors, doors, windows
  • Appliances – built-in appliances
  • Fireplace – chimney, flue, fire pit

Many issues that are not clear to regular homeowners, are signals for needed repairs, safety issues corrected, and may indicate need for further work from specialists. 

The seller will represent the house in its best light and may skim over details that need attention. 

Be There, Learn More

If you can, attend the inspection. You’ll learn more because the inspector can show you details of issues or problems he finds at the house.

In addition, your inspector can give you a rough estimate of the cost of any repair or remediation needed. Plus, he can recommend professionals to accomplish any of the work needed. You can calculate any adjustments you want to make in your offer based on the inspector’s findings. 

Your Guide to a Wise Buy

One of the best tools you can use in negotiating your final purchase is the home inspection report. Most reports list any needed and recommended repairs in order of urgency. There may be issues that need to be fixed right now to protect the soundness of the house. Also, the report will list findings that need to be observed.

The report serves as written documented evidence to the current condition of the house as of the date of the inspection. Use the report to:

  • Evaluate your interest in buying – Sometimes an inspection will reveal a pretty house that has many hidden issues. As disappointing as this is, you’ll want to continue your search to find a better property.
  • Negotiate your offer – When repairs are reasonable, you can negotiate your offering bid based on the estimated costs of repairs. You can ask the seller to make repairs before your purchase or you can reduce your bid based on the repair cost you’ll need to cover.
  • Engage professionals to do the exact repairs noted – You won’t need to speak “construction” or “plumbing” or “electrical circuitry” to engage professionals. You can show them the findings on the report and they will know what to do. 

You have the information you need to make a wise decision.

The Home Inspector Works for You

Your home inspector has your best interest at heart. A professional home inspection is a thorough, unbiased assessment of the property. 

You are armed with information to make the best decisions going forward with the purchase of a new home. You’ll know all the shortcomings. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to take on the repairs...or not. 

Find the right inspector for your prospective new home at Tell us where the house is. We’ll show you professional inspectors in the area so you can make the best decision.


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