How to Find The Right Home Inspector

Tips for real estate professionals to find the right home inspector as part of their team

Build Trust with the Right Home Inspector

Your clients rely on your recommendations. The right home inspector secures your professional position as a trusted resource for your clients. When you present the inspector as part of your trusted team, your client understands you are looking out for their best interest. 

To find the right home inspection team member, you need to understand how home inspections solidify your position as a trusted advisor. You want to find a home inspector who works seamlessly with you and your clients to make wise decisions about real estate transactions. 

Know What Your Home Inspector Brings to Your Client

Your business relies on finding new worthwhile properties to list. Your reputation for helpful, professional service builds a strong referral network to grow your business. You know the challenges a home seller presents:

  • Gloss over any needed repairs
  • Ignorance of structural or system flaws
  • Desire to get the highest price possible

A detailed and thorough home inspection assures you a valuation that is priced to sell. The inspector goes through the entire home and supplies you with detailed, readable illustrated reports that present facts in a non-alarming manner.

  • Questions answered on the spot – we encourage you and your client to be there
  • You see what they see for a clear understanding of any issues
  • Repair recommendations
  • Vetted, trusted service provider recommendations for any repairs or maintenance
  • Detailed narrative report exceeding all industry guidelines

Advice that Closes the Sale

Once the client narrows down the choice, they rely on your professional expertise.

  • rely on your expertise
  • want the most home for the least price
  • trust your recommendations

A professional home inspection arms you with thorough, non-alarming information about the total state of the property. Purple walls can be painted, but a foundation that is cracked may bring their dream home crashing down. Support your professionalism and lead your client to a wise choice based on facts. A professional, detailed and easy to understand inspection report builds client trust.

  • Maximize property benefits for your client
  • Confirm and emotional choice with sound information
  • Build trust in your professional service
  • Prevent negative feedback
  • Extend your referral network

A quality home inspection helps your clients balance emotion and reason to make a wise decision for long-lasting satisfaction.

Find the Perfect Match for Your Business

Because your home inspection recommendation reflects on your business, you want to work with someone who “fits.” Even though you recommend the inspector, the home inspector works for your client. You want them to represent your business while they perform the inspection.  When your professional values match, your client will appreciate your recommendation. And that’s true, even if the inspection report brings some bad news for your client.

Find an inspector whose personality fits with yours. They’ll be working with your clients. You want your clients to feel your inspector is part of your team. 

Take steps to identify the right inspection business to fit with you and your clients. 

  • Professional Organization – The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) is committed to progressing the home inspection profession and providing resources to promote healthy home ownership practices.
  • Word of mouth – Ask colleagues and professional networks who they prefer for inspections. Listen to their stories–the good and the bad. As you listen, note which inspection services feel they would fit with your business. 
  • Review sites – Reviews posted by customers on sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Be aware that some services pay to have their positive reviews listed first or pay to be listed at all. But, get an overall sense of the service from all the reviews.
  • Check the home inspector’s business on Google Maps and Google My Business ( Reviews are posted there as well. Check to see that the business is verified.
  • Check for licenses or professional organizations and time in business – Inspectors verify professionalism with licenses, often in contracting or engineering, and membership in professional organizations.
  • Select 3-5 home inspection services and then call. How they work with you on the phone will be a good indication of your communication throughout the process.
  • Ask for a sample Inspection Report. Look for negative findings. A reliable inspector will offer suggested solutions.
  • Ask how long a typical inspection takes – a thorough home inspection will usually last a minimum of two hours and often take three or four hours. 

Focus your primary search on professionals with experience and credentials. Then fine-tune your search to home inspectors that fit with your style. As part of your team, the inspector will work with you and your clients in an ongoing relationship.

Working Relationship

When you build an ongoing relationship with a professional home inspector, your career grows. Satisfied clients spread the word and send referrals. Your transactions go smoothly. Everyone is informed with objective, unbiased information which allows you to build trust.

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