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Your Intro Video

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You don’t need a fancy camera or studio to create a video that engages future customers. Your mobile phone has what you need to record your introduction.

People do business with people. The purpose of the video is to give people a sense of who you are. And a brief introduction to your business. You don’t need to say everything in the video, that’s why you have a listing. The video is an introduction to you. 

You do this all the time on the phone. Now you’re introducing yourself on camera. 

Topic points for your video

  1. Hi, my name is....
  2. Name your business. 
  3. Tell them what they’ll get when they work with you.
  4. Invite them to get in touch.

Keep your video under one minute in length. 30 to 40 seconds is a good length. Give customers a sense of your personality, your professionalism, and your service. 

Good lighting and sound improve video quality.

Tips for an Engaging Video

  1. Face the light. Either have a light in front of you or face the sun if you are outside.
  2. Keep the camera pointed away from the light.
  3. Have a simple, uncluttered background. The focus of the video is you. Viewers get distracted if traffic is rushing by or a hammer on a tool board behind you seems to stick out of your head. A plain wall is a good choice. 
  4. Avoid distracting noise. Find a quiet spot. If you are outside, avoid windy days so your voice recording is clear.
  5. Be yourself. 
  6. Smile. 

To display videos in your listing, embed the link to your YouTube or Vimeo video directly into your listing description on it’s own separate line. We’ll do the rest to make your videos display properly.

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